Whitepaper : Understanding The Total Cost of Owndership Of Cloud Hosted Vs On – Premise contact Center

Understanding The Total cost of Owndership of cloud hosted vs. On-Premise Contact Center

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Every technology decision is a painful process for management. And to keep up with the fierce competition, a business needs to employ smart strategies to inculcate newer technologies constantly.

Emerging cloud technology has covered call centre industry for the last couple of years. It is estimated that over 60 per cent of players will be hosting over cloud by this decade end.

This white paper walks you through the important aspects of choosing between on-premise and cloud contact centre by calculating and analysing Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of the two.

The Detailed list of factors includes:

Calculation of Total Cost of Ownership

  1. (A) Cost of Security
  2. (B) Staffing Costs
  3. (C) Extra Benefits

Analysis of Total Cost of Ownership

  1. (A) Expenditures
  2. (B) Agent Productivity
  3. (C) Differentiator
  4. (D) Impact of Cloud
  5. (E) Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  6. (F) Agent Experience

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Understanding The Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud Hosted vs. On-Premise Contact Center.

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