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Voice Broadcasting for Business Communication

Started around two decades ago, voice broadcasting is used to send bulk voice messages with minimal efforts and time. Businesses use this service to communicate with thousands of prospects at once. This technology has brought a wave of change in commercial as well as community communication.

Voice broadcasting solution, also known as interactive voice messaging sends recorded messages to masses and collect responses by pressing keys on the phone. These key-inputs are detected by the system to either interact or play various messages accordingly.

6C Dialer provides a simple solution that reaches masses in few clicks. With our voice broadcasting services, you can create multiple campaigns and start broadcasting bulk voice messages within minutes.

Our simple web-based dashboard is quick to install and easy to use. You can manage ongoing campaigns and view all reports in real-time. Hosting our voice broadcasting solutions helps you to log in from any device from anywhere in the world.

Our voice broadcasting solution caters to multiple industries like banking, healthcare, education, hospitality and e-commerce. Our solutions are trusted for several applications, be it important announcements, promotional offers or political campaigns.

Web Based Voice Broadcasting Service

Automated Bulk Voice Messages on a Single Click

Explore Unique Features of Our Voice Broadcasting Solutions
Cloud Connectivity
Cloud Connectivity

Using a hosted voice broadcasting service enables you to access everything from a secure web-login. Create, edit and run multiple campaigns sitting at home. View real-time reports from any device – be it remote desktop or mobile..

Message Customization
Message Customization

Penetrate deeper into target audiences and attain a higher response rate by adding a personal touch to your voice messages. Customize your recorded messages to enhance the relevancy and maximize the engagement level.

IVR Interaction
IVR Interaction

Interacting with huge population gets easier by introducing IVR options. Give your audience multiple options to choose their responses by pressing phone keys. IVR can be used to direct call recipients to their desired destinations.

Scheduling Options
Scheduling Options

Plan when you want to reach your customers and broadcast your voice messages at the appropriate time for maximum reach. Schedule multiple follow-ups and set reminders or notifications within the system to retry again..

CRM Integration
CRM Integration

Our cloud voice broadcasting solution integrates with CRM and business applications to create a seamless experience for you. Save lots of time wasted in transferring lead lists and customer data across channels and devices.

Instant Reports
Instant Reports

Get a real-time view of all your campaigns and calls in a single screen and keep a track on the performance of all campaigns. Extract and analyze reports instantaneously to make spontaneous changes for better results.

Empower Your Business with 6C Dialer Voice Broadcasting Solutions

We Help You Create Better Voice Experience with Every Call
Enhance Efficiency
Enhance Efficiency

Employ our voice broadcasting services to connect with bulk customers in lesser time and increase your reach multi folds. Automating voice communication for the promotional offer and important announcements and relieve your agents from repetitive calling.
Avail affordable plans or customize your own as per requirement. Cut your campaign costs to a minimum by paying only for answered calls with a per minute or second calling rate.

Build Relations

Improve the quality of every interaction and create more lasting impact by broadcasting relevant and engaging messages. For more turnout rate, customize your voice messages by adding a personal touch and inserting customer details like name and location.
Build customers trust and loyalty by showing a personal side of your brand. Broadcast in your voice and connect with prospects in the least intrusive way for forging relations.

Build Relations
Conduct Surveys/Polls
Conduct Surveys/Polls

Expedite your survey and maximize the poll efficiency with our cloud-based voice broadcasting solution to establish a better understanding of customer behavior. Record customer feedback and answers by employing a variety of questions and different key-input responses.
Carry out surveys or polls to evaluate brand penetration and customer satisfaction level. Political parties can promote themselves by using voice broadcasting for their voters.

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What’s More with 6C Dialer Voice Broadcasting

We Help You Create Better Voice Experience for Your Business Type

Bulk Messages

Record and send personalized voice messages to groups created of customers with common specifications


Give your customers a personal touch by including their details via our Text-to-speech feature


Connect your customer directly to a live-agent for confirmation of orders, check balance, and more.

Auto Retries

Intelligent system allows to schedule appropriate time for re-trying unanswered and follow-up calls

Machine Detection

Detection of answering machines to send customized responses for voicemails, alternate to live calls


Customize plans for businesses of any size in lines to your marketing goals and requirements

24*7 Support

Free set-up and no maintenance charges for our clients. Round the clock customer support.

Guaranteed Delivery

With our 100% delivery guarantee, you will receive notification for each scheduled broadcast

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