Add Voice to Your Messages

Interactive Voice Broadcast to reach More Customers

Automated Customer Communications on a Single Click

Use 6C Dialer Voice Broadcasting for Lead generation, Follow-up, Customer Feedback, Surveys,
Reminders, Notifications or Alerts

Cloud Connectivity

Broadcast without any interruption with cloud hosting

Message Customization

Personalize your responses according to customers

IVR Interaction

User IVR to connect with customers or collect leads

Scheduling Options

Plan your campaign to schedule calls and follow-ups

CRM Integration

Access all customer interactions with integrated CRM

Instant Reports

Real-time access to reports and customer insights

Empower Your Business with Voice

Improve Efficiency with Voice Broadcasting

Efficiency Enhanced

Reaching customers in bulk increases your reach multi fold in minimum time. Also, replacing live agents with automated voice messages helps in cutting campaign costs.

Build Relations

Enhanced customer interactions by using voice recognition facility. Screen the voice mail and machine answered calls and direct only live connections to agents.

Improve Customer Interactions with Automated Voice Messages
Polls and Survey Using Voice Broadcasting

Polls and Survey

User-friendly and direct way to conduct surveys and polls using broadcast services. Establish better understanding of customer behavior by recording customer feedback and responses.

What’s more with 6C Dialer

Bulk Messages

Record and send personalized voice messages to customers with common interests


Give your customers a personal touch by including their details via our Text-to-speech feature


Connect your customer directly to a live-agent for confirmation of orders, check balance, and more

Auto Retries

Intelligent system that determines appropriate time for re-trying unanswered and follow-up calls

Machine Detection

Detects the presence of answering machine and sends customized response over voicemails in absence of a live caller


Easily customize plans according to your business growth. Keep up with your growing marketing requirements without any trouble

24*7 Support

Free set-up and no maintenance charges for our clients. Round the clock customer support

Guaranteed Delivery

With our 100% delivery guarantee, you will receive notification for each scheduled broadcast

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