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Generate Higher Revenues With 6C Dialer Outbound Services

Outbound calling solutions from 6C Dialer help businesses to create higher customer reach and better promotion of their products. Both of these goals are possible only by utilizing an efficient technology laced with necessary features to address every communication need. 6C Dialer offers the cloud-hosted services that provide all outbound call center features along with the advantage of cloud in affordable prices. Instant set-up, more flexibility, higher security and real-time access from remote locations are few of the benefits of hosting contact centers on cloud.

6C Dialer outbound call center solution offers features like predictive dialing, campaign management, call monitoring, real-time reports, and analysis along with all the benefits of cloud hosting. By using our solutions, call centers can attain greater efficiency and convert more leads in lesser costs. Businesses with low budgets can too avail full-fledged call center features by availing cloud-hosted outbound call center services from 6C Dialer.

Hosted Outbound Call Center Services

Redefining Cloud Hosted Outbound Call Center Solutions

Our well-crafted outbound solutions to increase your business reach
Increased Customer Connections
Reach Out More Customers

Increase your call center efficiency with more connected calls and smart dialing process. Eliminating wait time between the calls and filtering unproductive calls enhance the agent talk time and more chances to connect with prospects.

Multiple Campaigns
Run Multiple Campaigns

Achieve numerous marketing goals by running multiple campaigns simultaneously. Managers have the flexibility to create, edit, and track campaigns in simple clicks using our cloud hosted solution even from remote locations.

Enhanced Productivity
Enhance Agent Productivity

Bulk calling backed by intelligent algorithm helps to reach higher calling rate with maximum accuracy. Automatic tools decrease manual tasks and save a lot of time for agent to have higher productivity.

Business Apps
Integrate Business Apps

Our call center solutions can be integrated with all CRM and business applications for seamless operations. Agents get comprehensive access of customer conversation history and other details to create a better experience for them.

Real-time Performance
Track Real-time Performance

Calling campaigns can be optimized using real-time reports and analytics. Making timely and strategic changes in the call center campaigns is possible with managers can access call center as well as agent performance metrics.

Customized Plans
Customize Outbound Plans

6C Dialer offers pay-as-you-go plans to provide affordable pricing for cloud-hosted outbound call center solutions. Design your own plan by choosing features and services essential for your business communication needs.

Cloud Hosted Outbound Call Center With An Edge

Benefits of 6C Dialer Outbound Call Center Solutions
Seamless Communication
Seamless Communication

6C Dialer outbound call center solutions ensure consistent communication with customers. Our solutions can be accessed on any device and from any location around the globe to carry out all operations.

We provide guaranteed 99.95% uptime to offer business continuity for every client. Our data recovery measures for natural disasters include multiple data back-ups at separate locations. To keep your business up and running we ensure incorporate measures against any unforeseen downtime.

Constant Support

Our robust customer support includes well-trained team with an access to right tools and knowledge to resolve customer queries of any degree. Customers can avail round the clock support to seek resolution for their query or complaint. Our solution experts are available on multiple channels like call, chat or email.

6C Dialer provides hosting assistance from the time of account set-up, installation and configuration to complete maintenance activities.

24*7 Customer Support
Security Measures
Security Measures

Customer data is as important to us as to you. We strive to provide secure work environment for all our clients. Encryption and firewalls provide security against any data loss or thefts. With the help of multi-level checks, customer data is kept secure in case of any web attack or accident.

Customer data is as important to us as to you. We strive to provide secure work environment for all our clients. Encryption and firewalls provide security against any data loss or thefts. With the help of multi-level checks, customer data is kept secure in case of any web attack or accident.

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Appreciated cutomer service with good client satisfaction. u guys are good. cheers.
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Connect To The Right Customers At The Right Time

Features that bring more opportunities to connect with customers

Cloud Hosted Solution

These outbound solutions are hosted on cloud that make these solutions highly flexible and secure in terms of making calls in high numbers.

Predictive Analytics

Equipped with predictive analytics, dialers take care of the demographics and time-zones of the customers and dial the numbers accordingly.

Call Monitoring

The outbound calls can be monitored to get a clearer view of how effectively these calls are connecting customers to your business.

Campaign Management

A perfect tool to run a campaign with customizable options that makes it easy to tap the right customers and also monitor the progress.

More Sales Opportunities

With the help of predictive analytics, dialers bring in more sales opportunities by multiplying the number of connections with the customers.

More benefits in Lesser Cost

The outbound dialing solutions are very cost effective and they utilize the resources perfectly, be it agents force or the customer data.

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