Trigger Your Customer Outreach With Perfect Tools And Connect Your Best Customers

Outbound Call Center Solutions With Cloud Intelligence

Don’t Miss Out On A Single Promising Customer

The features of outbound call center solutions decide the customer
base of your business

24X7 Agent Access
Call Analytics Report
Agents Performance Analytics
Sales Acceleration
6C Dialer Customer Support
Proactive Customer Support
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Predictive Dialer Lead Management Feature
Campaign Management
Product Promotion
Product Promotion

Cloud Hosted Outbound Call Center Solutions With An Edge

Outbound call center solutions with features that bring more opportunities to
connect with customers

  • Effective call management for high call volume
  • Tally the reports with your intended business success
  • One platform outbound call solution
  • Comprehensive reports for call monitoring
  • Effective usage of customer data
  • Equipped with predictive analytics
6C Dialer Outbound Call Center Solutions

Connect To The Right Customers At The Right Time

Cloud Hosted Solution

These outbound solutions are hosted on cloud that make these solutions highly flexible and secure in terms of making calls in high numbers.

Predictive Analytics

Equipped with predictive analytics, dialers take care of the demographics and time-zones of the customers and dial the numbers accordingly.

Call Monitoring

The outbound calls can be monitored to get a clearer view of how effectively these calls are connecting customers to your business.

Campaign Management

A perfect tool to run a campaign with customizable options that makes it easy to tap the right customers and also monitor the progress.

More Sales Opportunities

With the help of predictive analytics, dialers bring in more sales opportunities by multiplying the number of connections with the customers.

More benefits in Lesser Cost

The outbound dialing solutions are very cost effective and they utilize the resources perfectly, be it agents force or the customer data.

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