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Professional Voice for Every Incoming Customer Call

Businesses are including IVR as a strategic decision to improve receiving and handling incoming customer calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony solution that interacts with callers, collect their inputs and also route calls to the appropriate destination.

IVR greets incoming calls with a pre-recorded welcome message and prompts callers to choose their responses by pressing keys on the phone. Using DTMF technology, customers submit their inputs and navigation system to their desired destination without any support team.

Our IVR solutions are geared up to simplify complex customer communication process by using easy navigation in a well-designed menu. Offering unlimited choices to callers to choose from or conducting customer survey become more comfortable with multiple level IVR systems.

Cloud hosting of IVR solutions adds the competence for accessing the system from any remote location or device. Each bit of data gets updated in the blink of an eye which enables communication team to an access customer information in real-time.

Cloud IVR Service

Turn Conversations Into Connections With IVR

Realize Customer Relations with Automated Communication System
Worldwide Presence
Showcase Professionalism

Welcome all customer calls with an automated reception giving a professional image of your business. Do not miss any prospect calling beyond your business hours by setting up an automatic attendant system.

Create Brand Identity
Create Brand Identity

Create a unique identity for your business by recording your welcome message and IVR options in your own voice. It helps your customers to associate with your brand and differentiate it from others.

Automate Repetitive Tasks
Automate Repetitive Tasks

Empower your customers to take care of their general inquiries by navigating the system with the help of IVR options. Relieve your agents from the repetitive queries to save time for more pressing tasks.

Gather Customer Data
Gather Customer Data

Choose the most convenient and cost-effective method to gather customer information. Our IVR solution is the least intrusive method for conducting customer survey or get responses on questionnaires.

Design Multiple Levels
Design Multiple Levels

Simplify your incoming communication structure by configuring separate menus and submenus for customers. Employ multi-level IVR to guide your customers to operate phone tree menus smoothly.

Store Call Database
Store Call Database

Hosting IVR over cloud gives your business an added advantage of extended storage for call database. Record and store all customer calls in HD quality in our cloud-hosted IVR solution with a back-up up to 30 days.

Stay Assured with Our Distinctive Support Elements

6C Dialer Offers Holistic Business Experience with our IVR Solution

24*7 Support
24*7 Support

6C Dialer IVR Solutions bring along the assurance of a robust support system comprised of our team of experts. Enjoy our round the clock customer support at no extra cost. We aid in account creation, installation, and maintenance for all customers.

Our customers can reach solution expert team over any channels – live chat, email or call. We provide 24*7 assistance for issue handling or query resolution at all hours of the day.

Cloud Security

Cloud-hosted IVR from 6C Dialer is free from data loss or thefts with end-to-end encryption and firewalls. Security checks at multiple levels ensure world-class protection level of every bit of your data against any attack or accident. Moving to the cloud provides businesses a secure environment to work in.

Get instant alerts when any intrusion or suspicious activity is detected in the system. Identify malicious access within minutes and stop it from corrupting data.

Cloud Security
Business Continuity
Business Continuity

With an assured 99.95% uptime, 6C Dialer offers excellent continuity for all business functions. Run interrupted IVR from any country with our cloud-hosted solution.

Multiple back-ups at separate storage locations ensure data recovery in any natural disaster. Unforeseen disruptions like power failure and equipment downtime can have least effect on the working of virtual IVR solution.

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Nice customer service..professional and courteseous
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Appreciated cutomer service with good client satisfaction. u guys are good. cheers.
Excellent Services and agents are helpful and technically Sound.
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Enjoy IVR Features For Your Business

Our Range of Unique Features suits every business requirement

Intelligent Call Routing

Route every incoming call to the appropriate destination based on the agents’ skills or the location of the call origination

Email Notifications

Get notification for each IVR conversation over email which can be later used for training and quality purposes.

Intuitive IVR Dashboard

Manage IVR in simple clicks with our user-friendly portal. Access IVR dashboard from any location or on any device.

Missed Call Tracking

Never miss a call by our missed call tracking feature and schedule missed call reminders to tap the potential leads.

CRM Integration

Instantly access needed customer information without switching screens with the help of integration with business applications

Call Analytics

Download and analyze real-time call metrics like First Call Resolution (FCR), Average handling time and call containment rate for business insights

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