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Introducing Contact Centres with the
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Redefine Customer Relations with Cloud Hosted Inbound Call Center

Every incoming call is an opportunity for a business to convert it into a customer relationship. Contact centers are responsible for addressing every query or complaint received via call. Not only it is a strategic point of interaction for building customer relationships but can also be utilized to convert simple queries into a purchase. An inbound call center is a platform of all customer interactions received from all the channels.

Performance of an inbound call center depends heavily on the technologies involved. Inbound call center solution can differentiate the way a business communicates with their customers. A full-fledged call center solution is well equipped with all the features required to handle customer interactions regardless of the channel of communication.

From call distribution to queue management, from call recording to real-time reports,  every feature adds unique value to the efficiency of the inbound call center.

Hosted Inbound Call Center Services

Turning Every Incoming Call Into A Lead

Our Well-Crafted Inbound Solutions to Ensure Satisfied Customers
Personalized Call Support
Personalized Call Support

With customized welcome message and smart IVR options, our inbound call center solution enables businesses to provide personalized support. Achieve customer satisfaction in every interaction with handling calls efficiently.

Higher Agent Productivity
Higher Agent Productivity

Intuitive dashboard and smart web portal simplify call center operations and minimize the manual load of agents. Remote access of our cloud hosted solutions enables agents to work from any location or device.

Optimized Call Performance
Optimized Call Performance

Smart call handling and smooth operations boost the productivity of an inbound call center. Agents feel empowered and managers can monitor the performance of campaigns as well as agents from a unified portal.

Seamless Customer Service
Seamless Customer Service

Real-time integrations with business applications add value to the call center technology. Our cloud-hosted solutions can be integrated with leading CRM software as per specific business requirements and goals.

Connection to Best Agent
Connection to Best Agent

An intelligent algorithm designed to connect every incoming call to the most appropriate destination. Each call details is correctly assessed for directing it to the best agent or department based on customer input.

Reduced Call Abandonment
Reduced Call Abandonment

Accurate call transfers and smart call queue management improve the overall productivity of the inbound call center. Less hold time and intelligent call distribution minimize the call drop and abandonment rate.

Hosting Inbound Call Center for Better Communication

Understanding how 6C Dialer Inbound Call Center Solutions are beneficial

Cloud Advantage
Cloud Advantage

6C Dialer solutions for inbound call centers are free from data loss or thefts by providing end-to-end encryption and firewalls. We ensure world-class protection by enabling security checks at multiple levels to save every bit of your data against any attack or accident. We provide a secure environment to work in by moving your business communications to the cloud.

On any suspicious activity or intrusion detected, the system gets instant alerts. Stop your data from corrupting by timely identification of malicious access.

Continuous Support

We provide 24*7*365 support to our customer in case of any query or concern regarding our services. Our hosting services include no setup fee, instant installation, and assisted configuration of inbound call center solutions. Our customers enjoy free maintenance by our expert cloud support team for hosting issues.

Our customer support is available round the clock at every channel convenient to our customers be it calls, live chat, or email.

Continuous Support
Secure Business
Secure Business

6C Dialer cloud solutions for inbound call centers come with guaranteed 99.95% uptime. We provide business continuity since we understand all functions are crucial for call center performance. Deliver the best to your customers by hosting inbound call center solution with us.

We take multiple back-ups and store at separate geographic locations to ensure your data is secure even in natural calamities. You can recover your data even in the events of unexpected power failure and equipment downtime.

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Excellent as always. I have done business with them before, I have come back because of the way handle their customers.
D&V Corporation
Nice customer service..professional and courteseous
Sanjay Bisht
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Appreciated cutomer service with good client satisfaction. u guys are good. cheers.
Excellent Services and agents are helpful and technically Sound.
Birender Dhyani
OnSpot Serve

An Efficient Receiving End For Customer Calls

Delivering more than just a customer support

Smart Call Distribution

Every incoming call is directed to the right agent or department without any delay. More number of calls get connected in a lesser time.

Intensive Call Reports

View real-time performance of on-going campaigns and live agents or download daily reports to improve call center operations.

Customized Call Queues

No call goes unattended by inbuilt call queue features. Customize what your customers listen to while on hold or getting transferred.

IVR Support

Automated reception and multi-level IVR menu options for your customers to take advantage of self-service features.

Inbuilt Call Monitoring

Call recordings help in identifying gaps in communication and scope of improvement. Managers can barge in or whisper during a live call too.

Customizable Plans

Customize plans as per your business needs, pick options that ensure an unprecedented customer support success at your call center.

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