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Introducing Contact Center with the advantage of Cloud Hosting

Customers Made Happier Than Ever Before

Enhance your Customer Interactions using the benefits of Cloud Connectivity

Inbound Call Center Solution


Create better customer experiences by skill based routing of calls and quick resolution of queries

Outbound Call Center Solution


Reach more audience by creating multi-step campaigns and get instant reports with real-time analysis

Blended Call Center Solution


Find that perfect balance between outbound and inbound calls suitable for the enterprise of any size

Hosted Predictive Dialer Service

Predictive Dialer

Enhance productivity and reduce waiting time with intuitive dashboard and smart algorithm for calling

One Solution for all your Communication needs

6C Dialer Contact Center Solutions

Business Applications Integration with our Contact Center Solutions

Get the most out of your calls and optimize the capacity to serve your customers. Create an unparalleled customer experience by integrating your business applications with our contact center. Help your agents perform better with instantly available customer data, their updated historical log and no need for manual data entry. Access the reports and get insights of your data on any device from anywhere at any time. Managers can listen and provide feedback in real-time during a live call in an informed manner.

We’ve got all the right ones for you

Cutting-edge technology, continuous innovations mixed with basic features,
6C Dialer has got it all

24X7 Agent Access
24×7 Access
Call Monitoring Services
Call Monitoring
Predictive Dialers for Call Progress Detection
Productivity Booster
Cross Device Compatibility
Cross-device Compatiblility
Custom Call ID
CRM Integration
Agents Performance Analytics
Agent Performance analytics

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