6C Dialer features

6C Dialer is heavily packed with features that will streamline your business communications in the best possible way.

Features that Streamline your Business

Predictive Dialer

Intelligent dialer with an algorithm to reduce waiting time for agents by predicting average call duration and screening the unanswered calls, voice mail and busy tone.

Campaign Management

Implement customer data to create, execute, monitor and measure marketing programs for a specific targeted audience

DNC Management

Manage Do Not Call registered phone numbers to exclude them from campaigns to avoid calling or sending SMS

Filter Based Calling

Set up and monitor rules based on demographics, time, target group before initiating calling campaign

Customized Dial Time

Allot a specific time to call a customer depending upon phone number, time zone, name, etc.

Lead Management

Assign a certain set of leads to agents based on load management, skills or availability

Answering Machine Detection

Detection of answering machine and transfer only those calls that are answered by human voice

6C Interactive Dashboard

Single touch point to manage all features of 6Cdialer with an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Call back scheduling & reminders

Schedule reminders for follow ups or call back in case of unanswered calls, busy tones and network issues.

Reports & Analytics

View and analyze real time data to get useful insights for business performance and improvement plan

CRM Integration

Integration of business application to avoid data entry errors and synchronize customer data across channels

Custom Call ID

Allows to specify the phone number that displays through caller ID to receivers while making outbound calls

Call Center Solution

Comprehensive solution tailor made to suit your outbound, inbound and blended call center requirements hosted over cloud with improved business continuity and performance

Predictive Dialing

Automated dialing process that connects only a human answered call by determining average call duration

Skill based routing

Assigning customer calls to agents based on their skill for better control and customized approach


Interactive Voice Response allows customers to interact via automated voice input and touch-tone keypad selection

DNC List

List of all phone number registered as Do Not Call that prevents these numbers from being dialed

3-Way Calling

Allows to add a third person in a live call where you can talk with all three people at the same time

Automatic Script Fill up

Automatic filling of corresponding scripts to live agents for making relevant calls and maximize efficiency

Answering Machine Detection

Enables to differentiate calls answered by human or the automatic answering machine voice

Real Time Visual Call Display (6C Dashboard)

Access to view and manage all calls on the network in real time with the help of cloud connectivity

Customized Messages

Personalized messages with text-to-speech or voice recordings can be sent including specific data

Blended Call Management

Singular process to manage incoming as well as outgoing calls with automatic call distribution

Schedule Call Backup

Automatic retrying of unanswered calls, busy tones, network error cases at a specific time allotted

Call Recording

All calls recorded and stored in cloud storage to refer at a later stage for audit and quality purpose

Call Monitoring

Facility to view, listen or whisper in all on-going calls to monitor performance or assess quality

Business App Integration

No need for manual data entry in different channels by synchronizing business application to dialer

Voice Broadcasting

Send recorded messages automatically to a large list of customers for feedback, reminders, notifications, important alerts and promotion of products or services without any live agent

Text to Speech

Customize messages by including specific customer data like name, location, company in calling scripts

Scheduling (Campaign Scheduler)



Interactive Voice Response allows customers to interact via automated voice input and touch-tone keypad selection

Real Time Reporting (6C Dashboard)

Access to view and manage data in real time to derive useful insights for business performance

Voicemail Detection (AMD)

Detects voice calls and screen them before transferring to a live agent and schedule for re-try later

DNC Management

Exclude phone numbers registered for Do Not Call from calling or messaging campaigns automatically

Audio File Upload

Pre-recorded voice messages to be sent with calling scripts for making bulk calls within less time

Leave a Message Option

When a call is picked up by an answering machine or voice call, you have the option to leave a message

Successful/Unsuccessful Reports

Instant reports separately for calls successfully connected to a human or rejected before getting answered

Time Zone Controller

Filtering the list based on different area codes and dialing only according to their respective time zone

Detailed Call Logs

A report providing exact information of all calls made or received like when, where, duration, caller ID, etc.

Phone List Uploader

Facility to upload phone numbers automatically in dialer after the previous one gets exhausted or used

CRM Integration

Ease of access the complete data across different channels, devices and locations without cloud connectivity

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