6C Dialer FAQs

6C Dialer FAQs

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What is 6C Dialer?

6C dialer is a premium cloud hosted user friendly dialer with intelligent algorithm that ensures increased efficiency of communications in an affordable price.

What are the benefits of using dialer service from 6C?

6C Dialer provides Customizable Contact Center, Custom Caller IDs, 24*7 support, Affordable plans, Up time of 99.98%, Disaster Recovery, Top-notch Data Centers.

What hardware do I need to use 6C Dialer services?

6C Dialer are cloud based dialer that can be installed on devices with no hardware required.

How long does setup take?

6C Dialer can be set-up in only 30 minutes on a shared server and up to 2 hours on a dedicated one.

Can Hosted Dialer be customized to meet requirements of my business?

Yes, 6C Dialers are fully customizable to meet your business requirements with affordable plans within your budget.

Is it possible to Integrate Hosted Dialer with CRM?

Yes, 6C Dialers can be integrated with CRM according to clients’ requirements.

Can I control dialing speed?

Yes, with 6C Dialer you can choose Dialing Speed and optimize the efficiency according to the load.

Do I need credit card for trying 6C Dialer?

No, you do not require credit card for trying 6C Dialer. We offer a free trial for 30 days.

What features are included with 6C Dialer service?

6C Dialer includes all premium features like HD Voice, Voicemail to Email, Virtual Meetings, Music on Hold, Call Monitoring, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Caller ID

Can I get real-time views of my calls, agents, and customers?

Yes, 6C Dialer provides real time dashboard to overview all calls, agents and customers. You can also download campaign-wise reports for a certain date range as well.

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