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Every call center makes and receives bulk calls daily. Besides calls, customer communication happens over multiple channels like email, SMS, social media and others. Maintaining a balance between incoming and outgoing communication is a huge task for call center managers. Blended call center solution makes it easier to run a call center efficiently having both way customer communication. It increases the productivity of agents meanwhile optimizing their time on call.

6C Dialer Blended call center software is a well-crafted solution to maximize customer satisfaction by producing seamless communication. It provides the flexibility to transfer agents across processes and eliminates the need for data entry.

Businesses can strive for higher revenue generation by accurately forecasting the call traffic. Call center operations become smoother by streamlining the calling process across different agent groups. With smart call distribution and predictive dialing, it optimizes the performance of agents and campaigns.

Hosted Blended Call Center Services

Blending Communication For Better Customer Service

6C Dialer bringing together the best of inbound and outbound communication
Flexible Calling Process
Flexible Calling Process

With blended call center solutions, managers can easily switch agents between inbound and outbound calling process. These transitions are automated within the system for clear visibility of call flow and agent performance.

Efficient Call Center Operations
Efficient Call Center Operations

6C Dialer, blended call center solutions, prioritize inbound, and outbound calls on the basis of call volume. This feature helps in distributing calls between agents within and across the different groups to optimize the running campaigns.

More Customer Satisfaction
More Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent call distribution and call routing direct the calls to the most appropriate agent depending upon their skills, expertise or language. Also, it redirects repeated calls to the same agent who is assigned to that customer.

Strategic Demand Forecasting
Strategic Demand Forecasting

In a blended call center solution, all incoming and outgoing call records are recorded. Availing that data, it gets easier for call center manager to determine the trend(s) and accurately forecast the calling requirements.

Higher Business Revenue
Higher Business Revenue

Business can take advantage of cross selling and up selling by blending inbound and outbound call center operations. When presented with relevant information or offer about products, the customer tends to buy more.

Seamless Customer Experience
Seamless Customer Experience

As a result of two-way communication, calling scripts are improved continuously with a better understanding of customer behavior and requirements. In this way, agents deliver better solutions to the customer in a lesser time.

Cloud Advantage for Blended Call Center Solutions

Adding value to Blended Call Center Solutions with Cloud-hosting
Unified Web-Portal
Unified Web-portal

6C Dialer, blended call center solution, comes with a centralized web-portal accessible over the cloud. Managers can track and monitor the performance of agents and campaigns using real-time data and reports within simple clicks. Intuitive visual display makes it easier to analyze the call center operations and make strategic decisions quickly.

Agents can access updated customer information with the help of integration between call center software and business applications.

Uninterrupted Support

Our robust support includes instant set-up, and free maintenance of 6C Dialer blended call center solution. We provide assistance to configure the software as per the customer requirements and given specifications. Customers can seek our solution consultants for shifting from the previous service provider to 6C Dialer plans.

6C Dialer provides 24*7*365 customer support for any query or concern on multiple channels like the call, live chat, and emails.

Uninterrupted Support
Cloud Advantage
Cloud Advantage

We offer hosting services for blended call center services with advanced features and seamless integration. Our cloud services include premium security, data back-up and business continuity along with a high level of customization.

Call center managers and agents can access our web-portal even from a remote location using only a computer system and a working internet. Our solutions are highly secure against data theft and attacks with the help of encryption and firewalls.

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Customer Conversations Aligned for Smooth Communication

Handle Daily Call Volume with Unified Solution

Highly Efficient Features

The blended call center solutions from 6C Dialer are highly efficient in terms of utilizing the agent availability time and their skills.

Scale On Demand

Blended call centers are highly scalable. The ability to handle the inbound and outbound calls together makes it very efficient

Reduced Cost

The usability of a blended call center overpowers the cost as the tool’s interface smoothly tackles a large volume of calls simultaneously

Call Monitoring

Every incoming or outgoing call can be monitored to meet the customer demands in a smart way because of the analytics involved.

Efficient Call Distribution

6C Dialer blended call center distributes the incoming and outgoing calls efficiently, which enhances the agent productivity multiple times.

Customized Packages

Create custom plans by choosing features that suit your business requirements. Enjoy affordable packages with pay-as-you-go pricing.

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