One Interface To Deal With Every Inbound and Outbound Call Need

Tackle the Daily Call Volume of Your Call Center At Ease

Perfect Tool To Connect With Every Customer Over the Phone

All the Important Features Brought In Together to Give the Customers
the Best Possible Response

Call Volume Management
Call Volume Management
Call Blending Technology
Latest Call Blending Technology
Call Distribution
Efficient Call Distribution
Interactive Interface
Interactive Interface
Cloud Supported
Cloud Supported
Agent Idle Time
Less Agent Idle Time

Blended Call Center From 6C Dialer Is A Complete Solution

Make your call center operations more aligned and regulated

6C Dialer Blended Call Center Solution
  • Call Prioritization
  • Improved Call Center Metrics
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Competitive advantage
  • Cost Effective
  • Much less call abandon rates
  • High Operational Efficiency

Incorporate Every Possible Way To Connect With Customers

Highly Efficient Features

The blended call center solutions from 6C Dialer are highly efficient in terms of utilising the agent availability time and their skills.

Scale On Demand

Blended call centers are highly scalable. The ability to handle the inbound and outbound calls together makes it very efficient

Reduced Cost

The usability of blended call center overpowers the cost as the tool’s interface smoothly tackles a large volume of calls simultaneously

Call Monitoring

Every incoming or outgoing call can be monitored to meet the customer demands in a smart way because of the analytics involved.

Efficient Call Distribution

6C Dialer blended call center distributes the incoming and outgoing calls efficiently, which multiplies the agent productivity by many times.

Seamless Customer Experience

Blended call center brings in more opportunities to deliver a seamless experience to the customers with the help of long-lasting results.

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